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  • To educate our clients how to achieve optimal core function, overall strength, stability and correct posture.
  • To use the Hypopressive technique in conjunction with other training methods to help men and women rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor, therefore preventing and/or treating pelvic floor dysfunction (urinary incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, etc).
  • To help men and women who suffer from back, hip, knee, shoulder, or any other type of pain.
  • To offer ladies-only small group classes that are fun, challenging and where exercises are personalized for each individual.
  • To deliver professional prenatal training, helping expecting women stay fit and strong during their pregnancy, avoiding many of the common aches & pains.
  • To welcome clients in a family-friendly environment where they can bring their babies/kids to training sessions at no additional cost.
  • To provide the highest level and quality mom and baby fitness classes in Calgary, without detrimental injury to the pelvic floor.
  • To make working out as comfortable and non-intimidating as possible in a non-judgmental, private studio environment. 

We do train the general population as well. If you do not fall into the prenatal or postnatal training categories, you are still welcome to train with us at the studio. We train both men and women with a wide range of health & fitness goals, in all stages of life.

We LOVE to collaborate with other health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, massage therapists, midwives, etc. We are often in close contact with our clients' other therapists in order to ensure we are complementing their other treatments. This translates into significantly better results in a shorter time. 

Babies, toddlers and older kids are welcome to all sessions. We are equipped with baby swings, play mats, bouncy chairs, a jumparoo, a jolly jumper, BUMBO chairs, picnic table, giant dollhouse, bins full of toys (nothing too small to be a chocking hazard), magformers, dolls, doll strollers, colouring books, toddler exercise equipment, etc. We even have comfortable gliders for feeding/soothing babies.

Private, inviting & clean. Conveniently located in inner-city Calgary, close to major highways and LRT stations.

family-friendly environment

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"Working out can be intimidating for anyone with POP (pelvic organ prolapse). But with personalized training at 2 The Core, I feel much more confident and knowledgeable. Christina and Amy take the time to get to know each person's unique needs, and teach safe and effective exercises for the individual. I would recommend 2 The Core to anyone that is pregnant or recently had a baby...or pretty much anyone else that just wants to ensure that they are doing exercises in a safe/effective manner."
    - Kate D (1-on-1 postnatal training)

"Christina and the trainers are very knowledgeable and have been helping a lot through my pregnancy. I recommend training with them to increase your core and pelvic strength!"
    - Juliane W (prenatal training)

"Christina and Amy have changed the way I look at strengthening my core. I started the group classes I June 2017 in hopes of healing my diastasis recti from my second pregnancy and they did not disappoint! Christina and Amy are always very clear in giving direction so as not to put any unnecessary pressure on the pelvic floor. Their knowledge of pelvic floor health and attention to ensuring pelvic floor safety is very obviously above and beyond what most personal trainers do. Having childcare available is also a huge plus! I highly recommend all women - pregnant or not - to see Christina and Amy to learn how to protect and strengthen their pelvic floor."

   -  Teresa S (postnatal training)

"I began training in January of this year to prepare for an upcoming physical test required for my employment. Within 2 months I went from being exhausted from 60 seconds of cardio to running 1 Km with a 65 lb weighted vest. Due to the exceptional hands on training received, I passed my physical employment test and have been nothing but happy with 2 The Core Training. The trainers are very easy and fun to work with. They will provide encouragement and support to help you achieve your goals. They will assist with healthy nutrition education and also have an Android and iPhone app to be used in conjunction with your training. Would recommend this studio to anyone looking for a relaxed and positive training experience."
    - Donavon W (couples training)

"I started training at 2 The Core early in my pregnancy and was able to continue working out all the way through. The team's knowledge and expertise around pre- and postnatal fitness made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was working out in a safe and effective way. They did a great job modifying exercises throughout my pregnancy which helped me stay active until the end. Staying active throughout made it easy for me to get back to the gym soon after having my baby. My daughter is 7 weeks old and I've continued training at 2 The Core. It's a great team and facility, they offer child care (which is a huge help when working out with a toddler and an infant) and they personalize everything to meet your fitness goals! I would definitely recommend 2 The Core!"
    - Nicole S (1-on-1 pre & postnatal training)

"I have resolved my pelvic floor problems with her exercises (from incontinence to normal) and my husband has strengthened his glutes/legs for pain-free knees for a long time now and he plays soccer. They are worth the investment!!"

    - Jenny F (couples training)


Exercise is so important during and after pregnancy. However, there is an overwhelming lack of awareness on how to exercise safely during this special time. Our certified personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you be healthy and strong before & after baby. We offer a variety of prenatal and postnatal training options in Calgary such as 1-on-1 training, couples training, ladies-only small group classes with childcare and Online training.

diastasis recti rehabilitation


  1. Back, knee, shoulder, neck, hip or other types of pain
  2. Poor posture, lack of core strength & stability
  3. Bridging the gap between physiotherapy and fitness training
  4. Diastasis recti rehabilitation and/or other types of pelvic floor dysfunction (both men and women)
  5. Starting an exercise program during pregnancy
  6. Modifying an existing exercise program as pregnancy progresses
  7. Pregnancy related issues such as SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), SI joint pain, low back pain, etc
  8. Safe return to exercise at various stages postpartum
  9. Navigating exercise during perimenaupause while protecting the pelvic floor
  10. Exercising with POP (pelvic organ prolapse)
  11. Fat loss and/or increasing muscle mass
  12. Correcting muscle imbalances for injury prevention

Please note:

calgary's exclusive private studio OFFERING FAMILY-FRIENDLY FITNESS, PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL TRAINING, corrective exercise training

A team of certified, licensed and insured female personal trainers who deliver top-notch service and value.

pain? we can help!

ladies-only classes w/ childcare



Our ladies-only fitness classes are unique in that each client gets a personalized workout. No matter what your fitness level, health goals or limitations, we will help you get to where you want to be. Our classes consist of circuit & interval training, giving you a full-body workout every time. There are only 2-4 women in each class, so everyone gets the assistance and guidance they need. Exercises are modified appropriately for each participant. 

Do you suffer from back, knee, shoulder, neck or other types of pain? Many times, pain is caused by a combination of weakness and tightness in muscles. Having a weak core can contribute to all kinds of imbalances, often leading to discomfort. By combining the right exercises and release techniques, our clients feel better in very little time. 

No pain = better quality of life.

A large portion of men and women in their lifetime will suffer from some form of pelvic floor dysfunction. This includes urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti (ab separation), pelvic pain, etc. This can happen during/after pregnancy, peri-menopause, or at any other time. We take a holistic approach - combining stretching, myofascial release, deep core engagement, targeted strength training, postural correction, 360 breathing and Hypopressive training.


core & pelvic floor (men & women)

One of our specialties is diastasic recti rehabilitation for both men and women. Does your abdomen bulge in the middle when you do a crunch or sit-up? Does the midline of your abdomen lack tone or tension? You may have diastasic recti, and we can help! Many traditional core exercises can actually worsen diastasis. We teach our clients how to properly engage and train their core.



Jan 2021 Covid-19 Update: 

Since 2 The Core is an instructional facility and not a fitness centre or gym, we are still allowed to provide instruction on a 1-on-1 basis and to those who live in the same household (by appointment only, according to

Part 7, section 36 of order 42-2020). We are also allowed to run our educational core rehabilitation program in

a small group setting, following distancing and sanitization protocols.

If you live outside Calgary or prefer to train from home, we are also offering ONLINE assessments, 1-on-1 and



Your health & wellbeing is our top priority. We look forward to welcoming you to the studio

or seeing you virtually!