calgary's exclusive private studio OFFERING FAMILY-FRIENDLY FITNESS, PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL TRAINING, corrective exercise training

Checklist for the consultation & fitness assessment:

  • Comfortable workout clothes
  • Clean, indoor shoes to change into
  • Filled-out intake forms (both the "intake forms" and either the "2015 PAR-Q+" or the "ePARmed-X+")
  • Water bottle
  • Ensure you have had something to eat in the previous hour before you come in and/or bring a light snack for after.
  • Consultation & Fitness assessment payment (cost is $75 plus GST and we accept cash, check, etransfer, debit or credit)
  • Babies & older children are welcome to the studio anytime, so feel free to bring them along

We look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Once you have booked your initial 1-on-1 consultation and fitness assessment by emailing or calling us (CLICK HERE), the next step is to print and fill out the new client intake forms (click the links below). This will ensure we have enough time to cover all the elements of the initial meeting.

If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, please fill out this form in lieu of the PAR-Q+ form: