We are conveniently located inner-city in NE Calgary close to major highways such as Deerfoot Tr, 16th Avenue & Memorial Dr. We are also walking distance from the Franklin and Marlborough LRT stations.

calgary's exclusive private studio OFFERING FAMILY-FRIENDLY FITNESS, PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL TRAINING, corrective exercise training

Our studio is a great functional and welcoming space - clean and tidy, high ceilings, A/C for summer months and free parking.

Our studio offers:

  • 1 small training space for 1-on-1 & couples training
  • ​1 large training space for group classes (ladies-only small group classes & pre/post natal training)
  • ​Top-of-the-line equipment such as stability balls, BOSU balls, TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, Concept 2 rowing machines, treadmills, bikes, agility ladders, slam balls, battling ropes, plyo boxes, etc.
  • Large, newly renovated bathroom for your convenience
  • Kitchenette complete with a fridge and microwave where clients can store their post-workout snack, warm-up food, prepare formula for their baby, etc
  • Babies/kids area complete with a picnic table, toddler exercise equipment (cute treadmill, glider and bike safe for little ones to imitate their moms), baby gear (jolly jumper, bouncy chair, exercauser), a multitude of toys that are sanitized regularly, etc
  • Comfy chairs for new moms to nurse their babies