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First step: Booking your 1-on-1 consultation & assessment

All clients who train at our studio are required to start with the initial consultation & assessment. You can book this by calling 403-617-3362 or emailing 2thecoretraining@gmail.com. Christina, the owner and head trainer, sees the value in meeting with each new client personally before they commence training. In order for your experience and results at 2 The Core to be the best we can possibly make them, it is crucial for us to get to know you individually and go through a detailed physical assessment.  

During this 1-hour 1-on-1 meeting, Christina will assess:

- Posture, breathing pattern and alignment 

- Ranges of motion

- Strength in core, upper and lower body

- Natural squat pattern

- Ability to properly engage glutes and transverse abdominus

- Cardiovascular endurance

- Whether diastasis recti (ab separation) is present

- Whether certain muscles are weak and/or tight and explain how to strengthen and/or loosen them up

- Whether there are muscle imbalances and address how this can be corrected

- If there are any signs of pelvic floor dysfunction or other orthopedic concerns

You and Christina will go through the INTAKE FORMS (please click on the link to download these forms, print & fill them out if you can), set health & fitness goals, and come up with a periodized plan on how to reach those goals safely and efficiently. 

From there, we will determine together which type of training is best suited for you, your schedule and your budget. The cost for this consultation and training session is $75 plus tax. 

Next step: Choosing your type of training

At 2 The Core, we keep our prices significantly lower than other specialized trainers. Our goal is for as many people as possible to be able to afford our services. We do this by keeping our overhead costs low, advertising mostly through word of mouth, and staying very organized. 

1-on-1 Training (available for both male and female clients)
12 sessions: $80/session
24 sessions: $78/session
36 sessions: $75/session + 1 FREE SESSION
48 sessions: $73/session + 2 FREE SESSIONS
72 sessions: $70/session + 3 FREE SESSIONS

Ladies-only small group training (2-5 per group)  (no need to make your own group, we pair you up)
12 sessions: $36/session
24 sessions: $34/session
36 sessions: $32/session + 1 FREE 1-ON-1 SESSION
48 sessions: $30/session + 2 FREE 1-ON-1 SESSIONS
72 sessions: $28/session + 3 FREE 1-ON-1 SESSIONS

Couples training (only $10 more than 1-on-1!) (couples, friends or relatives)
12 sessions: $90/session
24 sessions: $88/session
36 sessions: $85/session + 1 FREE SESSION
48 sessions: $83/session + 2 FREE SESSIONS
72 sessions: $80/session + 3 FREE SESSIONS

Please note the above prices do not include GST. We accept all forms of payment including debit & credit.