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"Christina and Amy have changed the way I look at strengthening my core. I started the group classes in June 2017 in hopes of healing my diastasic rectified from my second pregnancy and they did not disappoint! Christina and Amy are always very clear in giving direction so as not to put any unnecessary pressure on the pelvic floor. Their knowledge of pelvic floor health and attention to ensuring pelvic floor safety is very obviously above and beyond what most personal trainers do. Having child care available is also a huge plus! I highly recommend all women - pregnant or not - to see Christina and Amy to learn how to protect and strengthen their pelvic floor."

     - Teresa S

"I started training at 2 The Core early in my pregnancy and was able to continue working out all the way through. The team's knowledge and expertise around pre- and postnatal fitness made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was working out in a safe and effective way. They did a great job modifying exercises throughout my pregnancy which helped me stay active until the end. Staying active throughout made it easy for me to get back to the gym soon after having my baby. My daughter is 7 weeks old and I've continued training at 2 The Core. It's a great team and facility, they offer child care (which is a huge help when working out with a toddler and an infant) and they personalize everything to meet your fitness goals! I would definitely recommend 2 The Core!"
   - Nicole S

"As a busy mother with young kids, I have been looking for a kid friendly fitness class that also has a strong focus on conditioning. 2 the Core Training strikes the right balance of child care and exercise, which can be very hard to find. Christina and her team are excellent at designing a good variety of exercises that keep things fresh, as well as giving you that extra push to keep going when you need it. I’ve always felt challenged after every workout, and it keeps me coming back!"
  - Sherry (post-natal small group training with babysitting)

"I have been doing personal training sessions with with 2 The Core for about few weeks now. After having some complications after my first child I never believed I would be able to get in shape again. However, Christina has been amazing about personalizing my workouts to protect my pelvic floor and strengthen the surrounding muscles. I highly suggest you check them out if you want to get a heat workout without the risk of injury (that many other postpartum programs can cause)."   
    - Rachel G

"When I was diagnosed with a moderate, stage 2 prolapse after giving birth to my son, I was devastated. As a runner and someone who loves high impact activity, I felt like my days of being active were over. The more i researched, the more I was certain I would need surgery. When I first met with Christina, I was skeptical that the Hypopressive Method could help me. However, she got me started in my first session and within 3-4 weeks of regular practice, I started noticing a significant improvement in my symptoms. I was amazed, for the first time since my diagnosis, I felt like I had some control on the outcome. The Hypopressive Method has made a huge impact on my quality of life. And most importantly, 2 The Core has taught me how I can exercise safely while protecting my pelvic floor from further injury. I wish I could scream from the rooftops how important it is for postpartum women to take care of their bodies. 6 months on from my diagnosis, my stage 2 prolapse has regressed to a stage 1 and I am so thankful to have found 2 The Core Training."  
    - Karin B

"Christina and her crew provide a supportive environment for women and mothers, in particular. I love being able to bring my kids and have my older one see me lead a healthy life by example! Most importantly, The focus is on safe recovery from pregnancy, if needed, and I always felt like exercises were tailored to my needs. In just a few months I was feeling stronger and could see a big difference in my DR. Such a great concept and warm environment for moms to work out, catch up with each other, and not have to pay extra or find child care
   - Elyse M (ladies-only postnatal small group training)

"I was immediately impressed with their ability to be encouraging and supportive, while still making me sweat like I never have before! I have always had problems with my knees, and they have done wonders with both modifying the exercises so it's safe...This is the first time in my life I have actually looked forward to exercise!"
     - Laura W. (ladies-only small group training)

"I started coming to 2 The Core after having my baby.  After pregnancy and labour (plus Christmas!) I was quite out of shape and needed somewhere I could bring my baby with me to the classes.  The groups are small and the babies are in the room with you.  The workouts are intense (which I love!).  Each session is a full body circuit training workout and they always mix it up. Anything on the TRX is a killer! It's been 7 weeks and already I have lost my baby weight and am toning up! I have so much more energy now and am feeling a lot stronger.  The trainers are very friendly and motivating people and are great with my baby too! I would totally recommend their sessions to everyone!"
    - Rea K. (pre/post natal small group training with babysitting)

"I came to Christina at 2 The Core after being diagnosed with some post-birth issues. I started off with 1-on-1 sessions and they were great because my situation really required her full attention. Within a month or so, I was already seeing positive changes! This is my third month there and I am still determined to keep going there to fully rehabilitate my body. Christina doesn't make you feel guilty if you miss a workout at home and is very encouraging. I am now doing group sessions but even some exercises are customized for me, as some may not be so suitable for me to do. I strongly encourage those of you who have core or other issues to seek Christina's expertise!"
     - April A.

"Working out with 2 The Core is a great investment in yourself.  They are great trainers and are the perfect combination of motivating and compassionate. Their sessions incorporate so many functions all in the span of an hour – cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance. I know that I would never make myself work this hard on my own and love the results they've enabled me to achieve. I highly recommend these trainers and their sessions."
    - Karen S. (ladies-only small group training)

"As someone who has been working out regularly for almost 4 years now, I was starting to become unmotivated and was looking for a new challenge. Christina has definitely been able to provide this and she makes working out fun! She also makes you feel very comfortable and is a great person to be around!"
    - Nimrat S. (1-on-1 personal training)

"Christina and the trainers are very knowledgeable and have been helping a lot through my pregnancy. I recommend training with them to increase your core and pelvic strength!"     
    - Juliane W.

"I began working out with Christina almost two months ago and I am so grateful I found a trainer who makes me feel comfortable working out again post baby. Her gym is amazing for new moms who want to have safe and proper postpartum workouts. The fact I can bring my baby and see her while I workout is fantastic and comforting. I highly recommend Christina!."
     - Laura C.

" I strongly recommend 2 The Core Training to any postpartum woman. I've been going with my daughter to small group training since she was 3 months old, and Christina and Amy & other staff are as warm and approachable as they are professional and knowledgeable. As a nervous first-time mom, I appreciated that the well-equipped childcare area was so close to (and within sight & earshot!) the training area. I especially recommend this gym to mamas with pelvic floor concerns or diastasis recti. I have been able to achieve my post-baby strength & fitness goals knowing that my post-partum wellbeing was in knowledgeable hands."

    - Dana S. (post-natal small group training with babysitting)

"7 weeks post c-section that resulted in various complications, I could barely walk let alone exercise due to stiffness and soreness. I started seeing Christina and was immediately impressed with her level of skill dealing with someone post-partum who required restrictions. We started with appropriate stretches and exercises that loosened up my muscles and joints and had me moving better within a week. Two weeks in, I was able to increase the intensity of the exercises and at 11 weeks post-partum I am up and running with the best of them. Not only is Christina very knowledgeable with respect to personal training and nutrition, but she is also great with kids! The fact that I can bring my baby to my sessions allows me a flexibility that is difficult to find. Thanks to my training I finally feel human again and am excited to get up and exercise thanks to 2 The Core!"    
   - Anna G (1-on-1 post-natal training)

"I started with 2 The Core after the birth of my first child in 2012. At first it was just a way for me to get out of the house and get back into shape after baby, but then they started offering mom & tot classes – even better! It was great to have a place to exercise where kids are welcome. The workouts are never boring, never the same from one session to the next, so you are always challenged. There can be four different people in one session, all with different needs, and they will make sure everyone is accommodated. Fast forward two years later, and I’m expecting my second child – and I’ve been able to exercise safely through my pregnancy thanks to their knowledge and help. I'm confident that after baby arrives, I'll be able to bounce back that much quicker thanks to 2 The Core. I'd recommend them to anyone!"
    - Melissa W. (pre/post- natal small group training with babysitting)

"I started mom and baby classes with Christina the spring of 2012. What I like the best about her classes is that every class has different exercises so it keeps things fresh and it doesn't become old and boring. We could be at the park utilizing our body weight as resistance, run the curling club stairs and have an extremely hard workout one week. The following week could be in her gym utilizing equipment and gear. The workouts are refreshing and rewarding plus you burn a ton of calories. What is unique is that she can adapt to individuals either making a specific exercise more difficult for advanced enthusiasts or modified for those just beginning. I love them all." 
    - Christine B (mom & baby bootcamps with babysitting)

"Finding 2 The Core Personal Training has been my best find in a long time. Since meeting Christina she has made me feel comfortable since day one. I knew I would be in for the long haul. I am only 12 classes in, but I am down 8lbs in a total of 4 weeks I have never felt better so fast with real results, watching my waist shrink and my body tone. Because of Christina's efforts I am stronger and more flexible. She knows just how to encourage and when to push, though never to much."
   - Bonnie (ladies-only small group training)

"I found the mom and baby bootcamps totally by accident. It was easily the best thing I could have done for myself and my children. The interaction with other moms is great for me but the play time with other children is the best part. It's so helpful not to have to arrange for childcare to enable me to get out and do something for myself. The price is very reasonable and Christina is a great  personal trainer and is able to modify workouts based on individual needs as well as for the group. I can't wait to get back to the next bootcamp after the holiday season." 
    - Carmen M (outdoor mom & baby/child bootcamps)

"I am so happy I found this place! I could not believe someone can train me with all my pelvic floor issues but Christina did it. Flexible schedule, small group classes, knowledgeable trainers and free child care! Highly recommended!"
  - Samaneh M.

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